How to restore the colour of suede?

Suede and Nubuck Shoe Conditioner

Suede is very inconsistent material. It requires special care, but even if you properly care for such shoes, they lose their original appearance over time. Moreover, it is not always possible to remove overtime dirt or clean shoes according to all the rules. One of the common problems with suede is fading and the appearance of “bald spots.” You don’t have to throw your shoes away – you can restore the color of your suede at home.

What can spoil the color of suede shoes

Any suede shoes, over time, lose their appearance – this is a fact. But its lifetime depends on the conditions of use. Thus, the color can deteriorate from moisture;

untimely cleaning of the shoes;

Contamination by various stains (for example, if spilled any liquid);

Very long wear.

If you do not clean your shoes on time, you will bring them closer to the time of failure.

Improper care involves using the wrong cleaning products not designed for suede, including brushes.

How to Restore Suede to Different Colors

Not always can methods be applied to suede? Black suede, for example, should be treated with extreme care, as it can leave streaks and lint.

For professional restoration and care of shoes, there is a unique product from Lilac Premium Shoe Care Suede and Nubuck Shoe Conditioner. The most popular among them are sprays. A big plus of spray is that they are without color. Bring back its original characteristic and color. The conditioner penetrates deeply and restores elasticity lost by using and dry storing the nubuck shoes. After cleaning, spray conditioner approximately from 40 cm distance on the dry shoes and let it dry naturally. Afterward, brush with a nubuck brush to align the leather fibers.