How to clean nubuck shoes from stains?

Nubuck Brush

Nubuck is a material that requires special treatment. When buying shoes, it is advisable to immediately purchase special devices and products designed for this material. Ordinary creams, paints, and brushes, which are used for cleaning leather, are not suitable. They will quickly spoil the surface of the material, due to which the product will lose its appeal.

Basic rules of care

Perform regular care of the shoes. This means that shoes, boots, and boots should be cleaned after each wear.

Begin cleaning after the shoes are well dried.

Avoid getting wet and getting moisture deep inside the material.

Dry your shoes in natural conditions, without heating appliances.

Apply a special impregnation to the shoe’s surface, forming a moisture-proof and dirt-repellent film.

Dry cleaning

This method is used to clean shoes from dust and remove dried dirt.As a rule, it concerns shoes, and boots, which are worn in the dry period of the year or they go indoors only: evening shoes, sneakers for gymnastics.

 After you get home, give the shoes a little time to dry out and adapt to room conditions. Usually, enough for 2 hours, after which you can start cleaning.Remove dirt stuck on the heels and soles, taking care not to wet the top of the product with a damp cloth. To clean the nubuck, take a special brush (click here). With the rubber surface, without pressure, work the nubuck. The movements should be as if you are pushing the dirt out. At the end of cleaning, brush, and lift the nap with bristles. As a side note: Dust, light soil is perfectly coped with a stationery eraser.

Wet cleaning

Treatment of shoes, in this case, involves the use of cleaning substances to remove various kinds of stains.

Lilac Premium Shoe Care is a special shoe cleaner for nubuck shoes (click here) that easily removes all kinds of dirt. See the product description for instructions for use.